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scroogle's Journal

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My Scroogle Crap Log
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My Life is Scroogle Crap Log conceived by onMethod Studios
50 cent, action replay, activism, adobe, animals, apple, art, ashanti, bass, beyonce knowles, boobies, bow wow, britney spears, business, caribou, carolina, christina aguilera, clubbing, dank, design, discovery, donotcall.gov, dre, e.t., entertainment, feng sui, fluidity, free speech, fur elise, george w. bush, gta, gulf war, half-life, happiness, harry potter, hendrix, hip-hop, homeland security, hotgirls, indy racing league, integra, iraq, jenna morasca, jennie garth, jennifer lopez, jessica simpson, jet li, jl audio, june carter cash, kazaa, kazaa lite, kirk hammet, les pauls, linkin park, little wing, los angeles lakers, louis armstrong, marines, marshalls, martin guitars, matrix reloaded, media design, metallica, military, mlb, mochas, models, modern, mother's day, music, nascar, national guard, navy, nba, ncaa basketball, neopets, never been kissed, news, nicole kidman, nokia, nudity, oakenfold, ozzy, parasailing, parent trap, partying, passion, patrick swayze, philosophy, piano, playstation 2, politics, production, quit smoking, rainbow six, raves, reckless driving, recreation, reserves, retro, ricerockets, ride the lightning, roland 808, rolling, running, saddam hussein, sarcasm, sars, sasha, science, scroogle, sean paul, self destruction, shadowbane, snoop, snowboarding, splinter cell, startac, steinway, steven tyler, strippers, stupidity, style, survivor, survivor amazon, system of a down, t.a.t.u, tammy lynn michaels, technology, terrorism, the bachelor, the matrix, the simpsons, the sims, tim robbins, tori spelling, trance, united nations, united states, vice city, violin, vivaldi, wake boarding, wimbledon, x-men, yoga

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