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Debate [Feb. 24th, 2004|07:11 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log
President Bush urged approval of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages on Tuesday, pushing a divisive social issue to the center of the election campaign and setting a clear policy contrast with Democratic challengers John Kerry and John Edwards.


What's your stance on gay marriage?

I applaud President Bush, unlike democratic hopefuls John Kerry and John Edwards for disagreeing with gay marriage, but don't want to say anything for fear of "offending" "gay" "democrats".

Gay democrats? Civil unions with all the legal rights of marriage aren't enough now? First homosexuals hijack the word Gay, and then the Rainbow, and now Marriage. Sheesh. Thank you President Bush, for having the courage and conviction to express your opinion and having the guts to express them freely.

Bush for 2004
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$3.00 Per Gallon of Gasoline by Summer? [Feb. 24th, 2004|06:58 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log

By Kevin Tibbles
NBC News
Updated: 6:46 p.m. ET Feb. 24, 2004

Marisa Davis is doing something she’s learned to dread — filling up her SUV in Los Angeles, “I filled up about a week ago and I drove it until it was empty.”

Overnight the price of a gallon of gas leapt 8 cents to well above the $2 mark. And, nationwide, it’s sticker shock. Prices are up 18 cents since the first of the year.

The states hit the hardest include: California, where a gallon of regular, on average, costs $2.05; then Nevada, at $1.94; followed by New York, paying about $1.80.


WOW! Good thing we went to war in Iraq over oil huh? Gasoline prices have never been so low!! Oh wait a minute... *rereads the article* Ohh... the gas prices have just gone UP and will probably go UP even higher... but I thought the war was over oil. "No blood for oil." What happened about that famous liberal chant? Hmm... I guess the war wasn't over oil afterall... Can you imagine that? You learn something new every day. :)
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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2004|02:07 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log

NEW YORK (AP) -- Just like J.Lo and Ben, the romance is over for Barbie and Ken.

After 43 years as one of the world's prettiest pairs, the perfect plastic couple is breaking up. The couple's "business manager," Russell Arons, vice president of marketing at Mattel, said that Barbie and Ken "feel it's time to spend some quality time -- apart."

"Like other celebrity couples, their Hollywood romance has come to an end," said Arons, who quickly added that the duo "will remain friends."

Arons denied that there was any truth to rumors that the breakup was linked to the Cali (as in California) Girl Barbie, arriving in stores now. To better reflect her single status, Cali Barbie will wear board shorts and a bikini top, metal hoop earrings, and have a deeper tan.

This new style already has attracted a new admirer, Blaine the Australian boogie boarder.

Barbie -- the most popular fashion doll in the world, according to toy maker Mattel -- met Ken on the set of a TV commercial in 1961, and they have been inseparable ever since.

Arons hinted Wednesday that the separation may be partially due to Ken's reluctance to getting married. All those bridal Barbie dolls in toy chests around the globe are really just examples of Barbie's wishful thinking, she explained.

Another possible factor is Barbie's career. The doll who was "born" Barbie Millicent Roberts in 1959 has been everything from a rock star to military medic, and she's currently marketed in more than 150 countries. According to Mattel, every second, three Barbie dolls are sold somewhere in the world.

So where does that leave Ken? Said Arons: "He will head for other waves."

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(no subject) [Feb. 12th, 2004|04:45 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log

The Associated Press
Updated: 6:50 p.m. ET Feb. 11, 2004

GUADALAJARA, Mexico - The boos nearly drowned out “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and a few dozen fans chanted “Osama! Osama!” as the United States was eliminated by Mexico in Olympic men’s soccer qualifying.

A loud anti-American crowd hollered as Mexico beat the United States 4-0 Tuesday night in the under-23 tournament, claiming a berth in the Athens Olympics. Mexico had already eliminated the U.S. baseball team from Olympic contention.

As U.S. players left the stadium for their bus, several fans — some clutching beers — chanted “Osama! Osama!” in reference to al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

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In case you missed it [Feb. 2nd, 2004|04:38 am]
My Scroogle Crap Log

all the superbowl commercials

and janet nip slip @ http://www.boobdex.com
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(no subject) [Feb. 1st, 2004|06:15 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log
TAIPEI (Jan 29) - The decomposing remains of a 66-ton sperm whale exploded on a busy Taiwan street, showering nearby cars and shops with blood and organs and stopping traffic for hours, local newspapers said.

The 56-foot dead whale had been on a truck headed for an autopsy at a university earlier this week, when gases from internal decay caused its entrails to explode in the southern city of Tainan.

The whale had died after it was beached on the southwestern coast of the island.
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(no subject) [Jan. 26th, 2004|02:31 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log


The Pope hosts a breakdance party at the Vatican.
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New World Order [Jan. 25th, 2004|06:29 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log
A little-known fact unites Democratic frontrunner John Kerry and President Bush: they are both members of Yale's secret society Skull and Bones. We speak with the author of "Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power" that reveals details about the secret society and its members. ...

[ Common Dreams ]
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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2004|04:42 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log

The Spirit rover has stopped transmitting data from Mars, NASA mission controllers said today, but there were signs it is still operating. NASA scientists have received a basic communication tone from the rover but the solid flows of data that marked its first 18 days on Mars have stopped. Full Story, From CNN.com
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Plagued by Drugs, Tribes Revive Ancient Penalty [Jan. 19th, 2004|02:07 pm]
My Scroogle Crap Log

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